Note: Our address has changed to include the suite number. Please update your database(s) and send all future correspondence to the complete address:

Hugh J. Andersen Foundation
White Pine Building
342 Fifth Avenue North, Suite 200
Bayport, MN 55003-4502


  • Grants awarded only to qualified charitable organizations that are designated as tax exempt under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3) and are not classified as private foundations.
  • Does not make loans, and does not provide grants or scholarships to individuals.
  • Does not provide grants for lobbying activities, fundraising dinners and events, or travel.
  • Will generally not consider the following types of organizations and programs for funding:
    • Agencies/Divisions/Councils/Programs that have counterparts in St. Paul or the St. Croix Valley
    • Arts Organizations exclusively focused on Music, Dance or Visual Arts
    • Athletic Teams
    • Business/Economics Education
    • Child Care Centers
    • Civic Action Groups
    • Debt reduction or After the fact situations
    • Immigration/Refugee Issues and Programs
    • Independent Media Productions
    • Political/Voter Education
    • Private or Alternative Schools
    • Religious Institutions

In addition, the Foundation:

  • Will generally not fund the entire project budget, but prefers to be part of an effort supported by a number of sources. Typically, Foundation funding is a small percentage of the project’s budget.
  • Considers major endowment and capital requests for funding to be a low priority.
  • Does not provide funding through fiscal agents.
  • Considers letters of inquiry. Letters of inquiry are generally recommended for organizations new to the Foundation or outside the St. Croix Valley. Organizations may choose to submit either a letter of inquiry or a full proposal. Letters of inquiry are reviewed at the Foundation’s next board meeting. If the board determines that the request falls within its guidelines and interests, a full proposal will be requested from the applicant for review at the following board meeting.

Questions? Contact Brad Kruse, Philanthropy Director

(651) 275-4489



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